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Maintenance Guides for Wheel Tyres of Wheeled Engineering Vehicles

Wbest Inc. is a China-based ISO9001: 2000 certified road construction machinery manufacturer. Our main products are motor grader, Tire Road Roller, Vibratory Road Roller and soil stabilizer. Our experienced and professional design team, coupled with our advanced production and inspection equipment, makes us able to produce 5000 sets road construction machinery each year. Located in Xuzhou City, our company covers an area of 51066.1 square meters. Among which our office buildings have nearly 4000 square meters, and our factory has above 14000 square meters.

At Wbest, we also pride ourselves on our excellent service. In order to make our customers know our products better, we list some important information about the maintenance of our road construction machinery. For any questions or concerns, please do contact us. Our staff is ready to serve you.

Maintenance Guides for Wheel Tyres of Wheeled Engineering Vehicles

As we know, wheel tyre is one of the important parts of the vehicles. So its performance is directly related to the traction, stability, safety and comfortableness of our wheeled engineering vehicles. To help our clients well maintain wheel tyre, we list some tips specified as follows.
(1) Use pressure meter to check tyre pressure regularly to make sure the pressure is in the ideal range. In case of air leakage, the pressure in spare wheel should be relatively higher.
(2) Choose the suitable wheel tyres for your car and install them correctly. Normally, the brand of wheel tyres should be the same as that of the machine. However, you can replace the wheel tyre with other brand's tyres with some specifications and performance, if you can not find the ideal tyre. Besides, for safety, the new wheel tyres should be mounted on the front wheels, and the used tyres should be installed at the back wheels.
(3) Regular tire rotation is required, as a result of the different degree of wear of front and back wheels.
(4) Cool your tyre when its temperature is too high. However, you are not allowed to cool it with water or by release its pressure. You just need to drive the car to the shady place, and let it cool naturally.
(5) Store your wheel tyre in clean, dry and dark places. The wheel tyre should be kept in standing position, and away from sunshine, oils, acids, inflammable goods and chemicals. The storage time should be less than three years.

Thanks for your attention on Wbest. We are a professional motor grader manufacturer in China. Our products are Tire Road Roller, Vibratory Road Roller, soil stabilizer, etc. If you need them, please do contact us. We are happy to serve you.

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