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Hydraulic System Detection and Diagnosis for Engineering Machinery

Wbest Inc. is a China-based ISO9001: 2000 certified road construction machinery manufacturer. Our main products are motor grader, Tire Road Roller, Vibratory Road Roller and soil stabilizer. Our experienced and professional design team, coupled with our advanced production and inspection equipment, makes us able to produce 5000 sets road construction machinery each year. Located in Xuzhou City, our company covers an area of 51066.1 square meters. Among which our office buildings have nearly 4000 square meters, and our factory has above 14000 square meters.

At Wbest, we also pride ourselves on our excellent service. In order to make our customers know our products better, we list some important information about the maintenance of our road construction machinery. For any questions or concerns, please do contact us. Our staff is ready to serve you.

Hydraulic System Detection and Diagnosis for Engineering Machinery

As a major road construction machinery manufacturer located in China, Wbest Inc. is able to provide you with various motor graders, Vibratory Road Rollers and Asphalt Concrete Road Pavers. To make our clients feel secure in using our road machines, we will teach you how to detect and analyze the faults of hydraulic system of engineering machinery.

When the hydraulic system is out of work, users should analyze fault phenomenon first. In the following text, we will list some tips for you.
(1) Try to know the actual situation from the driver. If needed, you should get to know the running state and running sound of the machine. However, you should drive the vehicle by yourself, if the driver can not tell you useful information.
(2) check the oil quality and oil quantity. Normally, these two factors are easily ignored. However, without good or enough oil, the machine will go wrong easily.
(3) Figure out whether the filter is in good state. The filter is the cleaning tool of hydraulic system. Its data can help you to analyze the faults well.

If all those above tips can not solve your problems, you should use inspection equipment to detect the faults. Some suggestions are given to you in the following text.
(1) Detect the pressure in the hydraulic system. The faults of hydraulic system always appear as the lacking of pressure. So, it's a good way to detect the pressure first. When the air pressure is not enough, the hydraulic system is easily out of work.
(2) A computer used to detect the faults is required, if your problems are still not solved. The computer can offer you enough data. Besides, it is small volume and easy to carry.

We are located in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Access to convenient air, land and water transport facilities immensely reduces the freight cost for our customers. So, if you are interested in our road machinery, please feel free contact us.

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