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Xuzhou Wbest Civil Construction Equipments & Services Co., Inc. is a leading road construction machinery manufacturer and supplier, located in China. From our over 51,000 square meter headquarters in Xuzhou City, we design and manufacture a vast array of products, including motor grader, Tire Road Roller, Vibratory Road Roller, and more, for customers all over the world. We are ISO9001: 2000 certified, and have a staff of more than 230 employees, many with doctorate and master degrees in the field. Thus, we are able to manufacture high quality Vibratory Road Roller, Asphalt Concrete Road Paver, etc., both efficiently and economically.

Technical Strength
With over a decade and a half of experience in the heavy-duty machinery field, we strive to consistently meet the ever-changing demands of our worldwide customers. We have invested more than 4,000,000 USD into our product design platform and through our efforts, we have developed a whole line of patented products.
To further strengthen our research and development capabilities, we've established long-term, cooperative relationships with many well known Chinese universities, such as Shanghai Tongji University, China Mining University, and Xuzhou Institute of Technology, which enable us to introduce 5-8 new products to the market every year. Nowadays, the output of our new products can reach up to 67.4% of total output, and the output rate of new products is 80% or more.

Brand Strength
At Wbest, we give much attention to the strength of our brand. To accomplish this, our motor graders and soil stabilizers are built with the highest quality parts available, including Dongfeng Cummins' diesel engine, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Company's gear boxes, Sauer brand hydraulic pumps from the United States, and HUSCO's multi-way valves, to guarantee their reliable performance. As a result, our model MG185E2009 motor grader is the number one rated motor grader in China, being the only one listed in "Chinese Engineering Machinery Top 50 Products of the Year for 2009". So, our global customers can trust the quality of our products.

International Market
We produce 5000 pieces of road construction machinery each year. 45% of those are exported. The high quality and affordable prices of our Vibratory Road Roller and Asphalt Concrete Road Paver has made them highly sought after by customers from Russia, Brazil, India, Iran, Ethiopia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, and more.

Excellent service is what you can expect from Wbest. Over 16 years of experience in this industry has given us an understanding of the importance of ensuring our customers are always satisfied. So we have introduced a 4-S service system, that is, Sale, Spare parts, Service, and Survey. This system greatly improves the competitiveness of our soil stabilizer and Vibratory Road Roller, while making certain that all of our customers are happy.

OEM service and customized service are also available upon request. For example, we can produce cold start devices for machines used in freezing temperatures, just contact us for further information.

We also welcome you to visit our company. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to serve you.

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