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Asphalt Concrete Road Paver

Our model RP953 Asphalt Concrete Road Paver is shown in the left pictures. It is asphalt road construction equipment mainly used to do paving works on the base and surface of expressways. It is controlled by a microcomputer, uses ultrasonic wave to sense the position of materials, automatically analyzes the machine faults, and is installed with eccentric block vibration exciter. As a result of those, it has a vast array of advantages such as strong driving force, good stability, wide paving width, high pre-compaction density, flatness, automatic diagnosis for faults, and easy operation.

Nowadays, our Asphalt Concrete Road Paver, as ideal asphalt road construction equipment, is widely applied to pave asphalt in such places as roads, urban roads, freight yards, parking lots, ports, airports, and other places.

Technical Parameters of Asphalt Concrete Road Paver

Model RP953
Engine Brand Shangchai diesel
Model D6114ZG1B
Rated power(KW) 140
Rated rotating speed (rmp) 2300
Working Performance Basic paving width (mm) 3,000
Max. paving width (mm) 9,500
Max. paving thickness (mm) 350
Operating speed (km/h) 0~3
Theoretical productivity capacity (t/h) 700
Hopper capacity (kg) 14,000
Screed heating Gas heating
Electric system 24V
Grade ability 20%
Working mass (kg) 20,500~28,500
Speed Paving speed (m/min.) 0~16.5
Traveling speed 0~2
Voltage of electric system (V) 24
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 6700*3000*3850
Production standard ISO9001:2008
Manufacturer Xuzhou Wbest Civil Construction Equipments & Services Co., Inc.

To help our worldwide customers maintain our Asphalt Concrete Road Paver well, we list some tips for you.
(1) The hydraulic oil should be filtered by oil filter before it is filled into hydraulic oil tank. Normally, it should be replaced by new oil after it is used for 1000 hours. To ensure good heat dissipation of hydraulic system, users should clean hydraulic oil radiator regularly.
(2) As the working environment of our Asphalt Concrete Road Paver is quite harsh, the oil filter of our machine should be replaced after it is used for 750 hours, so as to guarantee the stable performance of the machine. Polluted, rusty or distortional filter cartridges are forbidden to use.
(3) After the engine starts, our Asphalt Concrete Road Paver should run at idle speed for a while. Then it operates at normal speed.
(4) The data of hydraulic system may change, if the Asphalt Concrete Road Paver is not used for a long time. So, regularly checking the data is needed.

Thanks for visiting our website. Wbest Inc. is a China-based Asphalt Concrete Road Paver manufacturer. We are ISO9001: 2000 certified, and our main products are motor grader, soil stabilizer, Tire Road Roller, and Vibratory Road Roller. These products are highly sought after by customers from Russia, Brazil, India, Iran, Ethiopia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, and more, as a result of their reliable quality and economical prices.

We welcome purchasers from all over the world to contact us. Please do contact us, if you are in need of our products.

The asphalt concrete road paver is a piece of engineering equipment designed to spread asphalt, concrete over a given area of road and perform preliminary compaction, leveling operations.

Traditional asphalt pavers often have such disadvantages as low paved surface evenness, low level of automation, short service life, and more. Hence, our experienced engineers continually work to develop a new product that can overcome these disadvantages. As a result of constant efforts, they have successfully developed RP953 asphalt concrete road paver, which achieves an internationally advanced level in terms of quality and performance. The main control system of our paver finisher adopts CAN bus control technology and has parameter storage function. Therefore, there is no need to reset various parameters and you can start concrete paving instantly, which helps improve the efficiency of construction and avoid unnecessary human error. In addition, the use of German MOBA digital leveling control device helps eliminate paved surface evenness problem. To ensure convenient maintenance, our road paving machine adopts automatic centralized lubrication system, which not only ensures all parts are well lubricated but also reduces maintenance workload. Made using high strength, wear resistant materials, the scraper plate, helical blade and screed plate are durable and have long service life.

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