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Soil Stabilizer

This is the center of SS-400 series soil stabilizers , the soil stabilizer are made by us, we have 3 model soil stabilizers to meet different global customer needs, the most difference among them is their mixing volume and weight, the soil stabilizer is new generation products with higher efficiency and reliability and more advanced auxiliary equipments. the soil stabilizers are developed and manufactured by WBEST offering heavy duty equipments and construction machinery, besides soil stabilizer, we provide the road roller, vibratory road roller, and motor grader.

The soil stabilizers we make are suitable for the on-spot soil stabilizer for the foundation and base construction of highways, urban roads, airports and harbor etc. they can also be used for the building of asphalt and macadam pavements.Main technical features of the soil stabilizer
1. The engine is 400HP of Cummins series, which are featured in big power output, low noise and reliable performance.
2. Components of internationally famous brands are used in the closed hydraulic systems. The hydraulic pump and motor of higher output can reduce the work pressure of the whole system.
3. The flexible axle connector of internationally well-known brands are applied in the driving of hydraulic pump, which ensure the key of the pump have a long service life.
4. The control cab is newly designed to have broad vision and over-head air conditioner to ensure a safe and comfortable working condition. The control panel on the platform has an elegant look and more cares are given to the operator with acoustic equipments.
5. The innovative hydraulic cooling and exchange technology can ensure a comparatively low temperature of the hydraulic system while working.
6. The independent hydraulic slewing system ensures an easy, safe and reliable steering.
7. Stronger mixing and breaking power can be achieved with optimized work devices and the best rotator linear speed.
8. The soil stabilizer are intelligently controlled, which are firstly adopted in stabilizer in the world, which can ensure an effective speed adjusting and make the two systems of traveling and rotating work under rational parameters and the motor work well.

Our SS400 series soil stabilizer is a kind of multifunctional engineering machinery, which can stabilize any soil. This product is newly developed based on the advantages of advanced soil bitumen stabilization equipment. Solidly constructed, our soil stabilizer can work stably in harsh environments.

To ensure the reliability and performance of our soil stabilizer, our company uses engine and key components from world famous brands. For instance, our soil stabilization equipment is equipped with a 400HP Cummins engine, which offers high power output, low noise and low fuel consumption. To ensure high comfort and low effort operations, our soil stabilizer is ergonomically designed and adopts an intelligent control system, which allows the operator to flexibly set various parameters in the spacious cab. In addition, the cab is totally sealed and has good dust control effect, thus effectively protecting the health of the operator.

Due to its modular design, this type of construction equipment can be equipped with milling rotor according to customers’ requirement. Therefore, it can be used for breaking and recycling of macadam pavement and asphalt pavement. Currently, our soil stabilizers are widely used for blending the foundation or base of highways, urban roads, airports, dams, harbors, squares, parking lots, etc.