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Vibratory Road Roller

We have 3 model road rollers, with single drum, they compacted both by rolling the heavy roller and with vibrating, so we call them as to single drum Vibratory Road Roller. As a leading China road roller manufacturer, we manufacture other heavy equipment and road construction equipment and machines such as motor grader, soil stabilizer, asphalt concrete paver etc. the 3 model road rollers are listed below, by click the link to get detailed information

SRM series of Vibratory rollers have the mechanical drive and hydraulic vibratory and suit the construction for base and subbase of road, airport and embankment

Power System of vibratory road roller
power system can be optional to equipped diesel engine China famous brand Shangchai diesel engine or world brand Cummins diesel engines, Shangchai diesel engines has big torque and high fuel efficiency, convenient maintenance and national environmental standard-compliant emission and noise.

Transmission Control System of vibratory road roller
In electro-hydraulic power shift transmission, transmission control system adopts electro-hydraulic control, the shifter of power shift transmission adopts wet clutch, controlling the clutch connection and separation with power oil; shifting box has a electronic-control handle to ensure a smooth operation, comfortable handfeel, stable shifting, and labor relief.

Braking System and Radiator
Caliper disc service brake and band-type parking brake are independent each other and reliable.
Enlarged fan and radiating area, unique design for air flow and water tank ensure a normal working condition even in a extremely high temperature.

Cab of road roller
Innovative cab offers a maximum view, and is characterized by dustproof, sound and heat insulation, shock absorption and anti-ultraviolet. The operating system is designed according to human engineering principle and offers a user-friendly environment, heater is optional for cab.

Vibratory system of road roller
Enclosed system composing of imported plunger pump and motor has a reliability quality and equal compaction. Vibratory drum has a big diameter, high static linear pressure and improved structure & vibrating parameter.

Quality and merits
Hydraulic system adopts internationally advanced technology and imported pie joint and seals, operating hydraulic pipe equips with imported multiway valve, braking hydraulic pipe equips with imported braking valve. Key electronic components are imported world brand ones.

We are a China vibratory road roller manufacturer, we offer other heavy equipments and road construction machines. We manufacture motor grader, soil stabilizer, asphalt concrete paver. this page is shown the SRM218 vibratory Road Roller ,SRM220 vibratory Road Roller SRM222 vibratory Road Roller.

The vibratory road roller completely changes the traditional compaction way that simply relies on the increase of mechanical weight or linear pressure to improve compaction effect. Compared with static road roller, the vibratory road roller offers better compact effect, higher efficiency, etc. Hence, this kind of construction equipment is widely used to compact soil, gravel, concrete or others in the construction of roads, airports, docks, dams, etc.

In order to meet various demands of the market, our company provides a wide range of roller compactors that come in many models such as SRM218, SRM220 and SRM222 for customers to choose from.

Our vibratory road roller mainly consists of an engine, transmission system, vibratory system, steering system, cooling system, and frame. The diesel engine used in this engineering machinery is carefully selected from reliable supplier, providing high power, low fuel consumption and low maintenance. The vibratory system adopts a closed loop system composed of imported plunger pump and motor, which has reliable performance and ensures uniform compaction effect. In addition, our single drum road roller uses a cylindrical vibrating drum with high rigidity and high strength. The bearings used are short cylindrical bearings, which have high limit speed and high load capacity.