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Tire Road Roller

This is the center of tyre road rollers, we show 3 model road rollers, the tire roller can be equipped China famous diesel engine maker, Shanghai diesel engine manufacturer, or Cummins diesel engine, Operation System has double steering wheels, double seats and two sets of independent operating system; gearshift adopts electronic-control handle and two-gear design to meet the need for compacting and travelling, meanwhile, electronic-control handle has a smooth operation, comfortable handfeel, stable shifting relieves and labor relief. The braking system adopts air-on-oil shoe brake; parking brake adopts diaphragm spring brake which works with foot brake cooperatively and has a reliable performance.

Radiator of tire road roller
Enlarged fan and radiating area, unique design for air flow and water tank ensure a normal working condition even in a extremely high temperature.

Cab of tire road roller
Innovative cab offers a maximum view, and is characterized by dustproof, sound and heat insulation, shock absorption and anti-ultraviolet. The operating system is designed according to human engineering principle and offers a user-friendly environment, heater is optional for cab. Under the assistance of double operation, the roller can be free of the blind angle in the roadside, curve and corner.

Sprinkling System of tire road roller
Sprinkling system has a series of functions such as power-driven water spray, driving sprinkling, external water drawing and internal water refilling etc., if no external water resource, the automatic water refilling can move the water from ballast tank to sprinkler, this can not only make use of water effectively but also avoid the rusting by dead water in ballast tank.
Adjustable intermittent sprinkling system can meet the demand under different working conditions and extend the life of water pump, avoid the shut-down as the waterway breakdown.

Excellent working performance of tire road roller
Through the compaction by pneumatic tire, the paving materials move in different directions due to kneading produced by the elasticity of tire, forming into a even, dense and crack-free surface.
Through swing front wheels the roller ensures an equal compaction when in an uneven site.
Advanced sprinkling-free infrared tire heating system is optional component which enable the roller to need no sprinkling and improve the density and life of road.

Service & Maintenance of tire road roller
Easily-opened engine hood enable the serviceman to check the battery, water pump and chain and do maintenance easily.

As a China tire road roller manufacturer, we provide MTR202 tire road roller, MTR206 tyre road roller and MTR302 Tyre Road Roller to international tire road roller users. Experienced and professional tire road exporter with its own factory, of course offer you high quality with competitive price tyre rollers

The tire road roller is a piece of engineering equipment which performs compaction with pneumatic tires. It mainly uses the weight of the vehicle to compress the surface being rolled. Now the tire road roller is widely used to compact soil, asphalt and other materials in the construction of highways, airports, stadiums, ports, etc.

In order to meet customers’ varied needs, our company offers a wide range of pneumatic tire rollers that are available in many models such as MTR202, MTR262 and MTR302. In addition to a static compressive force, our pneumatic tire roller develops a kneading action between the tires that tends to realign pavement materials, thus achieving dense, seamless compacted surface. In addition, our tire road roller adopts quality power systen that provides high power reserve coefficient and low power consumption. The use of air over hydraulic shoe type brake system ensures safe braking performance under normal and emergency conditions. Therefore, you can feel secure in using this road construction machinery.