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1. What are the primary products of your company?
Our primary products are road construction machinery, including motor grader, Tire Road Roller, Vibratory Road Roller, soil stabilizer and Asphalt Concrete Road Paver.

2. What are the applications of your road construction machinery?
The motor graders are ideally suited for ground surface leveling, ditching, bulldozing, scarification, snow removing, materials pushing and mixing, and other tasks. They are used extensively in the fields of roads, airports, farmland, etc.

The pneumatic Tire Road Rollers are used to compact soil, gravel, asphalt concrete, dry hard cement concrete, as well as viscous, semi-viscous mixtures in the construction of highway, airport runway, square, etc.

The Vibratory Road Roller is widely used to compact various non-cohesive soil, gravel, crushed stone and asphalt concrete mixture in such places as highways, airports, embankments, seaports, dams, railways, mines, and more.

The soil stabilizer is suitable to be used on the new road pavement base. It can fully mix stabilizing agent and construction materials with different degrees of hardness together. Nowadays, you can find our soil stabilizer in places such as highways, urban roads, airports, seaports, and more.

The Asphalt Concrete Road Paver is asphalt road construction equipment mainly used to do paving works on the base and surface of expressways.

3. What are the advantages of your products?
Our road construction machinery is intelligent, and built with the highest quality parts available, including Dongfeng Cummins' diesel engine, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Company's gear boxes, Sauer brand hydraulic pumps from the United States, and HUSCO's multi-way valves, to guarantee its reliable performance.

4. Are the products of your company environment-friendly? Is the process of production environment-friendly?
Yes, our products meet the environmental protection requirements and we also take care of the environment protection issues in the process of production.

5. Where are your products sold to?
Our Vibratory Road Roller and Asphalt Concrete Road Paver are highly sought after by customers from Russia, Brazil, India, Iran, Ethiopia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, and more, due to their high quality and affordable prices.

6. What are the certificates of your company?
Our company is ISO9001: 2000 certified. Our motor grader is inspected by the China National Construction Machinery Quality Supervising Test Centre, and it conforms to GB standards such as GB/T14782-1993, GB/T8506-1987, GB/T16278-1996, and GB16710.1-1996. Besides, our model MG185E2009 motor grader is the number one rated motor grader in China, being the only one listed in "Chinese Engineering Machinery Top 50 Products of the Year for 2009".

7. Does your company do OEM?

Founded in 1994, we are a China-based specialized manufacturer of road construction machinery. Over 16 years' manufacturing experience in this field has made us able to provide our global customers with high quality and affordable motor grader, Tire Road Roller, Vibratory Road Roller, soil stabilizer, etc. If you need them, please do contact us. We look forward to cooperating with you.