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The tire road roller has optional power system such as Cummins or Shangchai diesel engine which has high torque reserve, high fuel efficiency, convenient maintenance and national environmental standard-compliant emission and noise. The tyre road roller has double steering wheels, double seats and two sets of independent operating system; gearshift adopts electronic-control handle and two-gear design to meet the need for compacting and traveling, meanwhile, electronic-control handle has a smooth operation, comfortable handfeel, stable shifting relieves and labor relief. The more information detailed has been listed on each page, to click the link to browse more.

Brand WBEST (Pneumatic tire Roller)
Mode MTR 202
Engine Brand: Shangchai Diesel
Mode D6114ZG6B
Rated Power(KW) 115kw
Rated Rotating Speed (rmp) 2000
Working performance Min. Working Mass (kg) 12,000
Max. Working Mass (kg) 20,000
Rolling Width (mm) 2,250
Rolling Pressure(Kpa) 160~340
Rolling Overlapping(mm) 45
Max. Gradeability 20%
Min Turning Radius(mm) 9000
Swing of Front Wheel(mm) ±45
Working Speed(km/h) 0~8
Driving Speed(km/h) 0~16
Brake Mode Driving Brake Foot Brake
Parking Brake Hand Brake
Tyre Number 5 on front and 6 on rear
Clearance between Axles (mm) 3840
Voltage of Electric System (V) 24
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 5050*2355*3495
Production Standard: ISO9001:2008

As a China tyre road roller manufacturer, we offer 8 model motor graders, soil stabilizer, and asphalt pavers, we have much year experience of exporting road construction equipments and machines, and have been long time manufacturing heavy equipment, we can provide you high quality products with good service.

Our MTR202 tire road roller is an engineering machine designed to compact a variety of pavement materials, such as soil, gravel, asphalt, etc. It can also be used as a landfill compactor. With a compact design, this constrution equipment is 5050mm long, 2355mm wide and 3495mm tall. It has a total of 11 pneumatic tires, 5 tires at front and 6 ties at back. The utilization of pneumatic tires ensures dense, smooth compacted surface without damaging the materials being compacted. In addition, the tire road roller adopts a hydraulic drive system that can realize infinitely variable speed control, helping achieve smooth acceleration and deceleration. What’s more, the tire road roller comes with an ergonomically designed cab that provides spacious interior and high visibility.

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