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The motor grader has Cummins diesel engine with international warranty service, the mode is 6BT5.9-215, can be Max. Ground Clearance 430mm, the motor grader can work in 7.8m minims turning radius, Steering Arc of Front Axle 45° (L/R), the model motor grader has 98KN maximum traction, the motor grader Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)is 9450*2610*3440, has operating weight is 17,000kg, we have obtained ISO9001:2008 certificates, means that motor graders are manufactured according to the Standard of ISO production standards

Operating Weight(kg) 17,000

Packing type ( shipping by sea) Container transport
Brand WBEST (Motor Grader)
Mode: MG220
Engine Brand: Cummins
Mode 6BT5.9-215
Rated Power(KW) 160kw/215hp
Rated Rotating Speed (rmp) 2200
Displacement(L) 5.9
Working performance Max. Ground Clearance(mm) 430
Min. Turning radius 7.8
Frame articulation (L/R) 25° (L/R)
Steering Arc of Front Axle 45° (L/R)
Maximum Traction 98 KN
Forward Speed 1st Speed(km/h) 5
2nd Speed(km/h) 8
3rd Speed(km/h) 11
4th Speed(km/h) 19
5th Speed(km/h) 23
6th Speed(km/h) 38
Max. Reverse Speed(km/h) 23
Blade Blade Cutting Angle 26°-70°
L*H(mm) 4270*610
Max. Lifting Height (mm) 450
Max. Cutting Depth(mm) 500
Rotation Angle 360°
Capacity Fuel Tank(L) 290
Hydraulic Oil Tank(L) 110
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 9450*2610*3440
Operating Weight(kg) 17,000
Production Standard: ISO9001:2008
Packing type ( shipping by sea) Container transport
Manufacturer Xuzhou Wbest Civil Construction Equipments & Services Co., Inc.

As a China motor grader manufacturer, model 220, we can offer 8 model motor graders, the more detailed information listed on each page showing the different model. Besides motor graders, we have tyre roller, vibrating road roller, and soil stabilizer.

The motor grader uses 6BTA8.3-C215 Cummins engine with rated rotation speed of 2200 r/min, high reliability and great durability. With maximum clearance of 430mm, the motor grader has small turning radius which makes the road construction equipment move flexibly. Unique structure design and weight distribution results in optimum pushing and pressing force of the grader blade. Also, the grader blade is equipped with a clutch for overload prevention. What’s more, the motor grader is easy to maintain. Front bulldozer, rear ripper, front scarifier and auto leveling unit are optional.

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