Road roller,Motor grader manufacturer in China

Wbest Inc. is construction machinery and heavy equipment manufacturer in China, it mainly offer motor grader, road roller, asphalt paver, vibrating road roller, hydraulic road roller, tyre roller, soil stabilizer. It established 1994, backed on China heavy equipments manufacturing base Xuzhou city to make Wbest. The special zone is offering intelligent engineers, well trained workers, plenty of parts and materials, sophisticated technical process. All factors together make us has big advantages to manufacture high quality with cheap price motor grader, asphalt paver, hydraulic road roller.

To make high quality heavy equipments such as motor grader, road roller, and other road construction machinery needs lots of production elements such as technology level, talent people, production management, raw materials providers, and parts of products suppliers, production equipments etc, we fully prepared every thing which concerned the quality of the construction machinery and heavy equipments. Most of engineers and high rank managers have had more 10 years working experience in heavy equipment field before we employed them.
We mainly offer motor graders, road rollers to global markets, the motor graders have been classified by different configuration, even the road rollers are separated by the rollers, so we have tyre roller, hydraulic road rollers. Since 1996, we began to export road construction machines as motor grader to some countries as Iron, India, Russia, Egypt, Chile, Brazil and so on. Today, we have been a leading exporter of heavy equipments such as motor grader, road roller etc. lots of exporting experience make us know how to serve international buyes.
Our company is located in Xuzhou city, it no far from harbor, which give international buyers more advantage to save purchasing cost

Xuzhou Wbest Civil Construction Equipments & Services Co., Inc.

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